Late update 2016

So yeah, time passed since my last blog…private problems can be a bitch, eh?


What changed? After getting back up on my feets (kinda) i joined with 2 friends into a joint venture root project to keep the costs low and still able to have a potent machine to host.

So far now, im hosting 1 public and 1 private server for now to test the stability


ARK: Survival Evoled (Public)

[game-servers server_id=”1″]


7 Days to Die (Privat)

[game-servers server_id=”2″]


The 7D2D server is mostly for my friends and me and depending on how it goes somedays even public, lets see 😛

In the meantime, feel free to join and giving me feedback and suggestions


Thanks To Sharky for providing and doing the most work to keep the root save <3



One comment to Late update 2016

  • Sharky  says:

    *shark hugs*

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