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4K preparation – The falcon has landed.

Today i got my new GPU delivered. Weirdly before it arrived, i dreamed about it xD
Well, long story short – it came, i unboxed it and fired that puppy up ❤

Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 

Of course, after ripping out the AMD R9 290 i had to bench this card. I just left the OC work to the Gigabyte Engine tool because in my thought this card already has enough power.

With almost the same clock, switching to the 1080 Ti was an improvement of  95.3% 3DMark Score

4790K (OC 4.598 MHz) + R9 290 (Clock OC 1.000 MHz) < Score: 10 309
4790K (OC 4.589 MHz) + 1080 Ti (OC Mode 2.025 MHz) < Score: 20 130

While not enough and driving my CPU “almost max” (+300 MHz) up to 4.838 MHz, i even managed to beat myself again for 3% in the 3DMark Score

If someone is interested on a full view, you can click...

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