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Cable salad for one

  • On the weekend i decided it is time to clean my PC.
    Not only was it the dust over the months, replacing hardware from time to time made cables gone crazy.

I decided that this time and since i have my PC now on the right side instead left side (yes i have it on the table 😛), i want it hanging inside instead of laying like i had before.
So, thanks to the Thermaltake Core V21 case, i can replace the front and side panels without any problems and rearrange how i like it.

Spending the next 4 hours with:

  • Disassembling everything to the ground
  • Cleaning dust filters
  • Kill every cable strip with reuseable cable straps
  • Cleaning hardware, case and fans with compressed air cans and a soft brush
  • Rearrange the case (front, side panels, buttons)
  • Re-glue LED strips back on (in the future, magnet one...
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