Pre XMas

Surprise, surprise 😀 I treated myself today with an Amazon order and this is what i ordered

  • CSGO Karambit Knife
  • Anker Bluetooth headset (for work)
  • Figure-Rise Son-Goku Model-Kit
  • Figure-Rise Son-Gohan Model-Kit

Yeah nothing special but i always wanted that CSGO Knife and the model kits because i watch DB/Z/Kai/Super since almost 20 years, so i am a huge fan of it 😛

Sadly my Gohan lost weirdly one of the arm wrists…makes me feel meh because its not complete anymore. Who knows maybe it lays somewhere otherwise i wrote the reseller if they have spare parts to fix that problem, because with my OCD i kinda have the feeling to gift it away and buy it new xD


That was it for today 😛

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