Personal GamingRig update

Over the last 4 years, my personal gaming-rig went through a lot of changes. First i ditched my i7-4790K system completely and started to rebuild from scratch.

Phase 1 was to get the core elements first – case, mobo, cpu, ram and psu.

After a long journey and getting around with the hot headed R9 390 from MSI, i started to play around with water cooling. My first parts weren’t really expensive, since i bought them from china, to learn and decide if i go full water / parts only or no water cooling at all.

Later on i decided to keep at least the CPU under water, mostly because i planned to replace the MSI R9 390 soon. Even the route of the tubes goot better and bett, but my cablemanagement was going worse with each replacement e.g. switch pump, fans etc

Dec. 2019 and after a little bit of saving, i decided to ditch the R9 390 and replace it with the bigger brother of my 1080 Ti – hello 2080 Ti 😀 . Yet, i was still not satisfied. Buying a resevoir, routing tubes differently, switchting slowly china parts with high quality parts and so on.

Now we have June 15 2021 and i finished my rig 2 days ago, switching my frankenstein res/pump combo out and replacing everything with ALPHACOOL components and there it is for now – because i planned to replace my Fractal Design R6 for a full tower case 😛 .

In the end i went from an i7-4790K to a R7-2700X and ended up with a R9-5950X. I donated my R7-2700X and my 32gig of Corsair Dominance RAM to my little brother, since he wanted to upgrade too and even found a new place for my spare water cooling parts in his PC. In the end we are both happy now and the household went from completely TEAM AMD now 😀 .

Thanks for reading and best regards, XNovaCore

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