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Personal GamingRig update

Over the last 4 years, my personal gaming-rig went through a lot of changes. First i ditched my i7-4790K system completely and started to rebuild from scratch.

Phase 1 was to get the core elements first – case, mobo, cpu, ram and psu.

After a long journey and getting around with the hot headed R9 390 from MSI, i started to play around with water cooling...

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Cable salad for one

  • On the weekend i decided it is time to clean my PC.
    Not only was it the dust over the months, replacing hardware from time to time made cables gone crazy.

I decided that this time and since i have my PC now on the right side instead left side (yes i have it on the table 😛), i want it hanging inside instead of laying like i had before.
So, thanks to the Thermaltake Core V21 case, i can replace the front and side panels without any problems and rearrange how i like it.

Spending the next 4 hours with:

  • Disassembling everything to the ground
  • Cleaning dust filters
  • Kill every cable strip with reuseable cable straps
  • Cleaning hardware, case and fans with compressed air cans and a soft brush
  • Rearrange the case (front, side panels, buttons)
  • Re-glue LED strips back on (in the future, magnet one...
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4K preparation – The falcon has landed.

Today i got my new GPU delivered. Weirdly before it arrived, i dreamed about it xD
Well, long story short – it came, i unboxed it and fired that puppy up ❤

Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 

Of course, after ripping out the AMD R9 290 i had to bench this card. I just left the OC work to the Gigabyte Engine tool because in my thought this card already has enough power.

With almost the same clock, switching to the 1080 Ti was an improvement of  95.3% 3DMark Score

4790K (OC 4.598 MHz) + R9 290 (Clock OC 1.000 MHz) < Score: 10 309
4790K (OC 4.589 MHz) + 1080 Ti (OC Mode 2.025 MHz) < Score: 20 130

While not enough and driving my CPU “almost max” (+300 MHz) up to 4.838 MHz, i even managed to beat myself again for 3% in the 3DMark Score

If someone is interested on a full view, you can click...

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Custom build – Dad box aka KodiBox

Today i build a small system for my dad, well usually more a KodiBox.

I was never a big fan of the “4k TV Box” things you can buy for small money over the internet.
After convincing my dad to go for a computer base, i grabbed some spare parts i had left over – again? yeah…i still have a lot xD

Hardware on hand:
MSI Z97I Gaming AC Intel Z97 mITX
2x 2GB OCZ Platinum Edition 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
300W Cooler Master G550M PSU
Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced
Intel Stock cooler
Maxtor HDD 250GB SATA

Hardware bought:
Intel® Core™ i3-4170

On arrival of the CPU, i started to gentle smash ( 😛 ) the parts into the small case. In the middle of the way, i knew why i switched from mITX to mATX.
It is always a pain to assemble such small system, even with all the benefits…but hey, thats just my person...

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i’m blue dabedi dabedei

Yesterday my Logitech G430 died after 4 years and as a headset only user, it sucked to use the speakers of my screen ( hurr 🙁 ).

To have my privacy back and able to use voice here and there, i bought myself the Corsair VOID RGB (yeah, stab me for that RGB stuff 😛 )

The reason behind it is jst simple, i own already the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB and Corsair Sabre RGB (did i tell you to stab me for the RGB?)…

So of course and to add one device more to the Corsair CUE, i had to buy it 😛

Now i just need the Pad and im done with my RGB…or life whatever xD

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Hardware recycling

Lately nothing special happened…sorry about that 😛

On the Amazon Prime Day i bought 2 Seagate Firecuda (1x 1TB – 1x 2TB) for some storage upgrade on my personal computer and the one of my little brothers.

While in the middle, i thought i’m gonna recycle some of my old parts from my first PC. Everything got ripped out and in the end i ended up being a new owner of y used i5-2500K xD

Most of the hardware went into my little brothers system

Changes were made on my brothers PC

  • Switching motherboard, cpu and ram 1:1 – i5-2500K -> i7-2600K – RAM is now up at 16GB (8GB before)
  • Adding more storage – Seagate Firecuda 1TB
  • Usual dust removal 😛

Changes were made on my PC

  • Switching BitFenix Spectre 120mm fans(airflow: 73,25 m³/h) to Cooler Master Jetflo 120mm PWM fans(airflow 161...
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Enter the M̶a̶t̶r̶i̶x̶…VR

Yup you read right, after 3 weeks of my kinda pre-order for the HTC Vive, i am now owner a VR device and joining the club.

For the note, thats is not the official STEAM devlivery time for the HTC Vive, i bought it over a local shop when they had a “no taxes” event.

So in the end the price dropped from 899€ down to 755€ which gave me a little buffer to spend the saved money on VR games 😛



Hopefully i don’t get stuck in the cyberworld that much 😀


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New case. Old parts

Recently upgraded my gaming rig….kinda.

I was tired of fitting my hands (even i got small hands) through the mITX case if i wanted to change something on my computer and missed the window.

So i just ordered a new motherboard,case and some LED fans and abused some of my LED TV stripes.

Here are a few images of the re-build.

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